The mission of Family Promise is to create stability in the lives of those who are struggling.  Below is a guide to get you through the economic crisis we are currently experiencing.  These steps will help!  Call us and we will walk you through the process along with helping with rent, utilities, jobs and transportation.  All of this to help you create sustainable stability, even through all of this uncertainty.   Call:  317-296-3742

Homeless. Please call Family Promise and we will help find immediate temporary housing and opportunities for your own home.

Rent/Mortgage. Right now, you will NOT lose your home.  If you are unable to pay, contact your landlord and explain the situation.   If your landlord is telling you to leave, stay and call Family Promise.  It can’t be enforced.  The State of Indiana will not allow any eviction or foreclosure filings anywhere in the state.  You will have to pay eventually, so it is best that you do not get behind.  You can receive assistance for rent and mortgages at Family Promise.  Your Township Trustee may have funds to help.  Find your Trustee by calling Family Promise or hereKnow Your Rights

Utilities. Right now, none of your utilities will be disconnected and some late fees will be waived.  This includes electric, gas, internet, phones, water and sewage.  But, the debt incurred is not forgiven.  You will have to pay eventually, so let’s try not to get behind now.  First file for the Energy Assistance Program (EAP) to help pay this bills.  Application is here.  Income requirements for EAP assistance here.  Family Promise can help you complete the application.  Call us.  Your Township Trustee may also have funds to help.  Find your Trustee by calling Family Promise or here.

Food. Food Pantries here or call Family Promise.  Please apply for SNAP.  This is a debit card loaded with funds to purchase food at grocery stores.  Income requirements here.    Apply here or call Family Promise.

Unemployment. Please apply for unemployment if you lost your job and are unable to find another one. Not everyone is eligible, but you should try.   Apply here or call Family Promise.

Temporary Financial Assistance. TANF is a government program that will provide a small income to you if you have children and have very limited income or assets.  If you have children and no income, you should try.  This is also a way to receive childcare vouchers for free childcare called CCDF.   Apply here or call Family Promise.

Childcare Vouchers (CCDF). This is difficult to utilize right now due to the lack of childcare, but you can still apply. This fund will pay for some or all of your childcare expenses if you qualify.  Apply here or call Family Promise.

Jobs. We know you want to work and it is the only way you will be able to create stability.  Jobs listing coming soon!  There are some in listed in Relief Resources.

Health Care  It may be possible for you to qualify for health coverage.  Application is here. Hope Healthcare in Avon can also help the uninsured.  Please call at 317-272-0708

Helpful Tips.  Talk to your landlord!  Negotiate with your insurance company.  If you don’t qualify for benefits now, you may after 30 days without income.

More Relief Resources or call Family Promise at 317-296-3742

Community Resource Guide