Homelessness was ENDED for 103 Family Promise families in 2020!

Homelessness was PREVENTED for 601 Family Promise families in 2020!

STABILITY SERVICES for 2,674 households.

Family Promise provides emergency and permanent housing, homelessness prevention and stability services such as childcare, rent and utility assistance, transportation, life skills, jobs and so much more!


Enjoy a few of our 2020 success stories below!

Tyrell, Shan, and their three kids moved in with us a couple weeks before Christmas.  They had been living at the Ashley Motel, and even with Dad working a full-time job at a local warehouse, with their hotel charge due daily, it was impossible for this family to save the money needed to ever get out of the motel.

It wasn’t easy for Shan or Tyrell to hold on to hope.  It really wears on your spirit, hearing “no” after “no” to housing applications you’re submitting, and it can feel like no matter how hard you work, no matter how many jobs you take and hours away from your kids, you will never get the “yes” that equals you having a place to put your babies.  One of the most basic needs, but a gift and luxury to those who have endured extended periods of homelessness, is your own door to close behind you at the end of the night.

In February 2020, they moved into their own 3-bedroom apartment in Plainfield.  They love the Plainfield Schools and all the love they have received from the community.  So proud of all they accomplished!

Glenna and her two boys moved in with us in January 2020 and survive the COVID shutdown with us.  Glenna had struggled with homelessness for years and needed some help having her driver’s license reinstated, getting a reliable vehicle, stable employment, and permanent housing.

After moving into our program, Glenna was able to pay off her fines and get her driver’s license reinstated.  Her next challenge was a vehicle.  Due to a generous donor in our community, we were able to give Glenna and her family a reliable vehicle that can get Glenna to work and make it possible for them to take care of all the things that are complicated in this part of town without a vehicle.

Finally, we were very lucky to be able to partner with Elayne Goodwin at Wing Rentals, who agreed to overlook Glenna’s eviction and give her a second chance!  Glenna was nervous to be back out on her own after so many years of being doubled-up with other people, but we will stay with her and provide her and the boys the support needed to achieve long-term stability.  Thank you to everyone who helped Glenna and her sons along their way!

This single mom of four was a rock star!  The family had struggled with homelessness and instability for a long time and were doubled-up with family before arriving to us.  But they have made it and are now in a beautiful 4 bedroom apartment in Plainfield!  We couldn’t be more proud of Crystal!  She had many setbacks, but just kept pushing through, getting stronger through every struggle. With four boys on her own, life is going to be hard, but she will always have us!


Coty, Nicole, Topher, Damion, Noah, Tori and JP are now in their own home. We are so proud of this family!  They spent three months with us as residents of Family Promise. Like most moms in our program, Nicole worked hard every day to care for her children, maintain the Center and host site and work! There was never a moment of down time for her! The kids are all so polite, grateful and loving. They moved into a home in Avon, where there homelessness began. They continue to work hard to maintain stability.

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