Homelessness was ENDED for 56 Family Promise families in 2019!

Homelessness was PREVENTED for 225 Family Promise families in 2019!

Family Promise 2019 Impact Report HERE.


Enjoy some of our 2019 success stories!

Bobby, Anna, Cheyenne, Mavis and Wyatt

“No one would ever believe how great it is here.  It’s kind of weird and I am really still not used to it because we have never had people like this before. ”



Cynthia, Bruce, Summer and Velma

“I have three little girls looking up to me, watching almost every move I made. I had to get my head out of whatever box I had it in and work hard to find a job.  I was determined to get money to stay in a motel or find help to get out. I found Family Promise. We now have a home where my kids are proud to have friends over. I am doing everything in my power to keep a stable home for my family. I don’t like my kids to watch me struggle.”

“The best thing about staying with Family Promise was being able to keep my family together and the helpers, churches and staff.  They stay with us and keep supporting us even after we graduate. They are always there for us.”

Chris, Megan, Anna, Alli and Benny:

“The best thing about staying at Family Promise is not just the fact that they house you for free, but also give a support team to lean on and talk to if you are feeling down.  They are also great at recognizing your accomplishments and making you feel a sense of importance every time you achieve your goals.  Overall I think this program is one of the best experiences I’ve ever encountered.  It was a very, very stressful, tough journey, but in the end it is totally worth every second.  Thank you to all the Family Promise staff and volunteers involved.  Each and every one of you play an important role in the changing life process.  Thank you for your time and dedication.  The impact in our life you made was phenomenal.”

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