Our Solutions

Homelessness was ENDED for 18 Family Promise residential families so far in 2018!

Homelessness was prevented for 45 Family Promise supportive services families so far in 2018!

Please enjoy some of our success stories this year!

CeCe:  “Family Promise lives up to its name. It promises families while being family to families. Family Promise is like my long lost family that has been searching for me and finally found me. They found me to help me become a better person. They encourage you to do your best. They guide you to become financially stable. They laugh with you to lift your spirits. They high five you when you progress. They store your belongings when have no place to store it. They lift your head and wipe away your tears when you feel like life has abandoned you. Family Promise is not a business, not a company, not even a shelter. Family Promise is a long lost cousin who has opened their home to you and cared for you. Family Promise is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I thank GOD for the people who work there.”

Susi: “What can I say about Family Promise? Honestly, at first, I thought it was going to be uncomfortable, anxious, and feel humiliated because of my status as homeless. I was going to be living in a church with my husband and 18-month old daughter. I was going to be moving to a different church once a week and sleeping on a roll-away bed. I truly thought I wouldn’t be able to face anyone. I had gotten myself to this spot by the mistakes I had made and I knew that the staff at Family Promise knew that it was my actions that had helped cause my new “status”.

The first thing I would tell anyone that enters this program is, the staff doesn’t care what put you in this spot. They don’t care about your past; all they care about is your future. Picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and making a better life for yourself and your children. I felt more loved and cared about through the entire process than I ever thought possible. The women at Family Promise really make you feel like you are important. And though they are really adamant that you don’t go back to whatever bad you have done in the past, they don’t constantly bring it up and they don’t beat you up over it if it ever is brought up.  They make you feel like you are part of their family.

My family was in and out of Family Promise in 2 weeks. Julie, Melody, and Katrina worked hard to help us find a home that would work for our family, in our budget, and that we liked. They helped any way they possibly could and they made us feel like a priority. When we found places that wouldn’t accept us or were no longer available, they reminded us that it was just a small bump in the road and that we would find something. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone needing help.

If it wasn’t for Family Promise there is no way my family would be in our own home and as happy as we are now. My husband and I were in a very dark place and I am so thankful that Family Promise was there to help pull us back to light and help us to put our daughter first as we should have all along. All I can say to Family Promise is thank you. I could never repay you for what you have done for me and my family. Without you guys to hold our hand through this process, we would have been lost.”

Sheronda:  “The best part of staying with Family Promise was the feeling like I’m in a home not a facility.  And that they demand that you reach your goals.  I honestly don’t know what we would have done if it were for Family Promise.” 





Cathy:  “I have achieved all my goals one by one.  I found a place to stay and employment.  It seems like it took a long time, but I got out of it!  The people here are warm, kind and loving.  I haven’t had that in a long time.”