Why We Exist

Mission Statement
Our mission is to fight homelessness in Hendricks County by coordinating immediate shelter and needs assistance programs alongside longer term compassionate support services for families in all areas of life.

We believe that both immediate and longer term support are required to effectively eliminate homelessness.  Homelessness is a complex issue involving many facets of life.  In truth, homelessness affects the whole of society, not just the homeless individual or family.  We hope to eventually break the cycle of poverty and homelessness through many avenues—perhaps most importantly by simply treating homeless individuals and families like human beings rather than social outcasts. To change things, true compassion and empathy at a societal level must be harnessed so that the homeless begin to understand that they are not alone in this world.  Change will not come quickly, but with persistence, hope, and love we believe we can greatly change the face of homelessness.