“Family Promise of Hendricks County is honored and delighted to be accepted as an accredited agency for the United Way of Central Indiana. The need for adequate, affordable housing in our community is so very great. We look forward to all the good our two organizations will provide together for those in need in our community.” – Mike Hartley, President, Family Promise of Hendricks County

February 20, 2020

 Announced in fall of 2018 as part of United Way’s new strategic framework, accreditation streamlines former agency certification process and evaluates organizational strength, diversity and inclusion, financial health and alignment with United Way impact areas

INDIANAPOLIS – United Way of Central Indiana announced today that three community-based organizations have been approved for accreditation and will be added to the current network of 84 accredited partners.

Each organization completed a full application, participated in a site visit with United Way staff and volunteers, and was thoroughly reviewed by United Way’s accreditation workgroup comprised of board members, staff and community volunteers. To achieve accreditation, these 501(c)3 organizations had to demonstrate a responsiveness to community needs; diversity and inclusion in governance, operations, community engagement and employment; organizational and financial health; and alignment with United Way impact initiatives in basic needs, family opportunity, or social innovation.

Joining United Way as new accredited partners are CICOAFamily Promise of Hendricks County, and New Hope.

Aligning with United Way’s basic needs initiatives, CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions empowers older adults, those of any age with a disability, and caregivers by providing innovative services and support to achieve the greatest possible independence, dignity and quality of life. CICOA also provides case management, transportation, caregiver support, and meal and nutrition programs. CICOA has partnered with United Way for many years and has previously received strategic grants for programs that serve seniors.

Family Promise of Hendricks County
Aligning with United Way’s family opportunity impact area, Family Promise is a shelter for families experiencing homelessness in Hendricks County and a resource center where parents can access affordable housing, childcare services, transportation support and employment assistance to achieve stability and independence. Family Promise has more than doubled in size in the last three years and now has in place a growing network of dozens of churches, car mechanics, landlords, social service agencies and motel owners to provide support to families.

New Hope
Aligning with United Way’s basic needs and family opportunity initiatives, New Hope is a newly independent organization from the St. Vincent Health system that creates innovative approaches to serving individuals with disabilities. New Hope provides residential, vocational, therapy, and day services, counseling for families in the child welfare system, and advocacy efforts to help individuals and families lead their most independent lives. The organization serves clients in Marion and surrounding counties in United Way’s service region.

“We’re pleased that CICOA, Family Promise and New Hope will join United Way as new accredited partners,” said Sara VanSlambrook, chief community impact officer. “These organizations help reach underserved populations, demonstrate a strong focus on data-driven outcomes, and further strengthen the ecosystem of organizations working hard to tackle poverty in our communities.”

United Way Accreditation – Background

For more than 100 years, United Way has fought poverty in the community by coordinating its fundraising efforts and allocating funds to agencies which passed a rigorous certification process managed by civic volunteers. With United Way’s new strategic framework announced in the fall of 2018, the lengthy certification process was replaced by three-year accreditation program. Accreditation is now designed to be a more efficient and streamlined process while maintaining the highest standards of accountability for community-based organizations.

Today, United Way accreditation signals that community-based organizations are demonstrating best practices in tackling poverty in the community and are in strong organizational and fiscal standing. Accredited partners are eligible to apply for United Way grants in basic needs, family opportunity, social innovation and other strategic initiatives, and can access capacity building, technical assistance and training programs.

United Way Accreditation – What’s Next

Eighty-four community-based organizations were grandfathered as accredited partners in 2018 and can re-apply in 2021. New accredited partners CICOA, Family Promise and New Hope can re-apply for accreditation in 2023.

To date, United Way’s accreditation workgroup is reviewing applications on an invitation-only basis. Go to United Way’s website for a complete list of all accredited community-based organizations.

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